Level-1 Pillar-3 POST & Level-2 Pillar-3 PRE Test

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You are here for the completion of the Self Evaluation POST Test Tool for Level 1 and PRE test tool for Level 2; for you to assess yourself and Discover your Skilledness achievements and/or the Level which you may target for achieving of the Pillar 3 - Digital Skills. Here are the questions to assess yourself to check if you are at POST Level 1 or PRE Level 2.

Depending on your score and our related advice, you are always free to proceed with either Level 1 or Level 2 training to enhance your related skills.

Results will be made known only to you and the self-Learn project team, who will keep all your name and e-mail address information and results with the utmost confidentiality and never share them with third parties.

Please make sure that you will have answered ALL questions and fill in ALL required fields, otherwise, you can not receive an answer.

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1. Secure passwords must contain…

a) All passwords are equally secure
b) Must include letters and numbers and be shorter than 8 characters
c) Must include only special characters and no numbers
d) None of the above

2. All Wi-Fi accesses are free.

a) Just the ones at private properties
b) Just in the public free Wi-Fi areas
c) Just the ones in formative centres related with techs
d) You can´t never access freely

3. Is it possible to edit the photos taken with the mobile phone?

a) Yes, it is a free mechanic that all modern mobile phones have
b) You have to pay for that service
c) Only certain brands have this option available
d) No, it is not possible

4. How many Google alerts can you program in your mobile phone at the same time?

a) Two per week
b) There are no limits
c) Once each day
d) Ten per month

5. If you lose your cell phone, you should not...

a) Search for it using another connected device
b) Block it remotely
c) Wait 24h before doing something
d) Remotely delete all important data from your device

6. Why is it advisable to delete unused applications from the mobile phone?

a) Because they take too much space
b) Because some of them may waste a lot of battery
c) Because they can slow down the device´s yield unnecessarily
d) All answers above are correct

7. Google maps can be used to...

a) Receive traffic alerts
b) Share a location
c) Calculate the travel time from one place to another
d) All answers above are correct

8. Which of the following is not a video call software?

a) Microsoft Outlook
b) Skype
c) Discord
d) Zoom

9. What is a browser?

a) A network of social interactions and personal relationships
b) It is a service that allows the exchange of messages through electronic communication systems
c) A software that allows the visualization of the contents presented on a web page
d) It is a free and open source learning management system

10. e-Health is…

a) The term used to define the set of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that, as tools, are used for educational purposes only in Europe
b) The term used to define the set of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) which, as tools, are used in the healthcare environment
c) A program that provides access to free online consultations
d) It is a digital tool managed only by specialized health centers

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