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You are here for the completion of the Self Evaluation PRE Test Tool; for you to assess and Discover your Skilledness Level and/or the Level which you may target for achieving of the Pillar 3 - Digital Skills. Here are the questions to assess yourself to check if you should aim level 1 or 2.

Depending on your score and our related advice, you are always free to proceed with either Level 1 or Level 2 training for enhancing your related skills.

Results will be made known only to you and the self-Learn project team, who will keep all your name and e-mail address information and results with the utmost confidentiality and never share them with third parties.

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1. How should we switch off the computer safely?

a) Unplugging the PC
b) Selecting the "Switch Off" option from the Start menu
c) It will switch off due to inactivity
d) Pressing the off button

2. What is usually needed to unlock a computer “at rest”?

a) A personal password
b) A code given when the computer was bought
c) To know the brand of the computer
d) The computer can´t be “at rest”

3. What is commonly used to access Internet at home?

a) Internet is not accessible indoors
b) Mobile data
c) You have to ask the company in charge
d) Wi-Fi network

4. Which is the fastest navigation technology for mobile phones?

a) 4G
b) 10G
c) 5G
d) None of the answers are correct

5. Which of the following is NOT a social network?

a) Mozilla Firefox
b) Facebook
c) Youtube
d) Instagram

6. Which of the following is a computer-related crime?

a) Intellectual Property Theft
b) Account Hacking
c) Phishing
d) All answers are correct

7. All the apps available for mobile phones are…

a) All free
b) Available only if you pay
c) There is no way to download apps for mobile phones
d) None of the answers above are correct

8. Is it possible to adjust the font size when chatting with your mobile phone?

a) It is not an available option
b) Yes
c) Only under medical prescription
d) Just the first time you use your phone

9. Is it possible to send your location in real time via mobile phone to another person?

a) Just once per week
b) Yes, whenever you have internet access
c) It was only possible with old mobile phones
d) No, it has never been feasible due to its complexity

10. Formulas are often used in...

a) Outlook
b) Word
c) Excel
d) Canva

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