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101086874 - self-Learn - Mobile self-Learning Tool Targeting Improved Adult Literateness - ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PI-FORWARD - ERASMUS-LS

self-Learn is planned to be an innovative, extendible, and expandable mobile tool allowing the self-determination of the state of literacies/illiteracies of adults (level of their low-skilledness) and offering them upskilling to the next level and finally furnishing them with self-assessment mechanism aiming the valuation of their perception for seeing results of their upskilling efforts and in parallel, their self-development rates.

Development of the complete tool will be followed by the testing phase via both built-in perception assessments together with e-feedback and in the field using the hybrid feedback mechanism. The complete feedback system will be useful for collecting opinions not only from the end-users; but also from adult education suppliers, stakeholders, policymakers, and the rest of those who will have come across the self-Learn idea and the tool.

Mobile self-Learning Tool Targeting Improved Adult Literateness (self-Learn) aims to support the enhancement of basic skills of low-skilled adults through the introduction of an Android App for easy and flexible access. The system aims for prior self-assessment for a convenient content offer and a final assessment for measuring the progress of the end-users; eventually, realizes the core objective of "upskilling pathways" with three nested steps.

The tool offers enhancement of literateness in three parallel competencies; reading comprehension, numerical literacy, and digital literacy. The tool will further target guides/mentors who are close family members of low-skilled adults, by offering them guidelines for assisting the learning efforts of low-skilled adults, in order to increase the efficiency of the overall system.

Development of the content and the app will be followed by field trials for measuring the performance of the tool, relatively the approach, and the system. The project targets to train and validate the learnings of low-skilled adults and collect feedback and evaluation from stakeholders for the determination of the future of the expansions. Therefore, adult training suppliers are among the highly benefiting bodies from the self-Learn system. Since self-Learn is designed to be an extendible and expandible tool for the future's digital life, its impact will further spread to different aspects of adult learning and digital education in a wider sense.

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