Objectives of self-Learn

The specific objectives, based on the self-Learn’s general objective “Allow low-skilled adults to upskill themselves as practical/efficient as possible, in three fundamental pillars; reading comprehension, numeracy, and digital skills”:

► Ensure optimum, realistic, and smooth realization of the complete idea (WP1),

► Allow low-skilled adults to self-determine their pre/post skill levels, and consequently upskilling measures for ensuring consciousness in their learning efforts, also as a measuring system of the model’s success (average 70%), (WP2),

► Facilitate guidance/mentorship support for this aim and set it to be realizable (WP2),

► Ensure the exploitation via peer-to-peer field testing activities, including awareness raising, dissemination collection of feedback (500 low-skilled adults), (WP3-4),

► Spread the model to the widest audience including policymakers and adult training providers, collect feedback (2.000 Feedback; 10.000 Visitors to Web portal), establish the model for continuous and exponentially increasing impact (WP3-4-5),

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Feedback - How did you find us?

How did you find us?