Overview of the self-Learn Concept

The project directly addresses to European Skills Agenda while conforming to general and specific objectives of the call, as “Upskilling Pathways” is defined as the new flexible opportunities for adults, with a low level of skills, knowledge, and competencies who have at best completed lower secondary education. Overall self-Learn directly aims to provide literacy, numeracy, and digital skills improvement opportunities in a flexible manner; flexible time, flexible content, and flexible choice/use of Android OS based mobile devices, based on users’ existing low-skilledness level, their enthusiasm, willingness, and eagerness.

This is based on the fact that mobile devices, have a great potential for widening access to adult learning and can support adults in formal and non-formal education opportunities. Although mobile learning programs are generally well suited for managing course descriptions, lesson plans, exams, messages, etc., and designed for developing skills; but are not supporting the needs of low-skilled people. Therefore, in self-Learn, the basic approach is the development of an appropriate educational model to evaluate and propagate the use of smartphones in low-skilled adult education/up-skilling. self-Learn is now answering this need by further combining available technologies with Android OS smartphones in an innovative manner.

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How did you find us?