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self-Learn project addresses three target audiences within the framework of its main purpose of upgrading skills. The first of these are "Level 0" users who are aiming to bring themselves to "Level 1". These users' reading comprehension, numeracy, and digital skills are poor or at the very elementary level. These users can hardly focus on materials that are simple, clearly laid out, and where the tasks involved are not too complex.

"Level 1" users who are willing to upgrade themselves to "Level 2" are those who are already at Level 1 or have a slightly higher skilledness than Level 1. At this level, learners can hardly integrate various sources of information and solve slightly more complex problems than at Level 1. Our aim is to take all learners to their target next level; for each level one and two, and to enable them to progress on their upskilling pathways.

On the other hand, the guides/mentors who will support these learners are our third target audience. This group consists of the immediate neighborhoods, relatives, or people living in the same household as the learners aiming upskilling and who are participating in the program at Level 1 and Level 2, and are furnished with a Guidance Book which will help them in their efforts.

The self-Learn project has prepared a comprehensive curriculum and training program for each learner group.

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