What are the Methods?

self-Learn's target end users are low-skilled adults and mentors/guides who are close family members/friends of low-skilled adults. The self-learning curriculum has two levels and three pillars, and a separate “Guidance Training for Mentors”. To meet the needs of the two learner groups, learning materials are developed at two different levels in every upskilling category.

One of the most important issues in distance education is to determine the level and learning needs of individuals. When distance education is combined with self-learning; the importance of self-evaluation is clear.

self-Learn uses a variety of adult education theories and resources in designing the curriculum. The internationally accepted assessment studies in terms of proficiency levels were also examined. As a result, the most appropriate standards for the project in terms of proficiency levels came out to be the PIAAC Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, the definition of the PIAAC literacy discrete proficiency levels. PIAAC is designed to assess adult skills over a broad range of abilities, from simple reading and numerical calculations to complex digital problem-solving. To do this, PIAAC assesses literacy, numeracy, digital problem solving, and, as a separate domain to measure the low-end of literacy skills, reading components . While using these levels, the self-Learn idea is to bring "Level 0" adults to "Level 1", and "Level 1" adults to "Level 2".

In addition, following Robinson and Good (1987), self-Learn follows the reading comprehension categories commonly used in the literature for the Reading Comprehension Column more specifically. In line with this approach, the categories of reading comprehension for Level 1 and comprehension by interpretation for Level 2 target groups were chosen, in line with the main objective of the Self-Learn project.

From this point, to direct the low-skilled adult to the right level; a PRE-skill level assessment was conducted so they could compare their (next) achievements, which are to be assessed by POST-skill tests.

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