Digital Skills
[Level 1]


Communication and collaboration

Communication means to interact via smartphone
Communicate with smartphone
Practical applications for workspace
Electronic identification
Digital content sharing
Using social media

Digital content creation

How to use hashtags
Photo editing
Tik-tok copyright
Use of music without copyright
Video editing apps

Information and data literacy

Practical tips how to benefit and save
Practical search alternatives to benefit for using internet
Practical tips in browsing on internet
Information gathering and influencing
Linking data literacy with Big Data
Practical awareness that your data is collected

Problem solving

Fixing an installed Android app that isn't working
How to find information on the Internet
Mobile phone battery lifespan and how to preserve it
Using Google Maps
Using Google Translation when travelling abroad


Connect safely to a Wi-Fi network at home
Creation of secure passwords
How to protect your phone from a virus
Parental control on the internet
What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

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